What We Do

The Oberkotter Foundation supports innovations and initiatives that improve listening and spoken language (LSL) outcomes for all children who are deaf or heard of hearing.

Our Philanthropic History

Early access to speech and language is critical for capitalizing on the early stages of cognitive and language development, and fostering optimal spoken language and literacy outcomes and lifetime success.

Since its founding, the Oberkotter Foundation has provided over $500 million to help families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing across the United States receive access to crucial early intervention services to improve listening, spoken language, and literacy outcomes.

Our Funding Focus

To give every child with hearing loss the opportunity to reach their full potential through listening and spoken language, the Oberkotter Foundation awards grants that:

Prioritize the pivotal early period for brain development

Empower transformative ideas and scalable solutions to create lasting and widespread impact on listening and spoken language outcomes

Reduce barriers and expand access to knowledge and services for children with hearing loss and their caregivers, especially those with limited resources

Our work will continue to carry out that vision and ensure that children who are deaf or hard of hearing have the same opportunities to meet critical developmental milestones as their hearing friends. The Board of Trustees has approved a strategic plan to have transformative impact through driving science and innovation. Currently, we do not accept unsolicited grant requests for projects.

If you have questions concerning a current grant from the Foundation, please contact us.

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