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Our initiatives help to improve listening, spoken language, and literacy outcomes for all children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families across the United States.

Advancing Science and Innovation

Driven by the belief that knowledge unlocks doors to solutions, we aim to document the known core science of how hearing connects to brain development, spoken language, and literacy. With a clear understanding of the latest science, we can identify gaps that merit additional solutions and drive innovation to empower every child with hearing loss to develop age-appropriate listening, talking, and literacy skills.

The Foundation seeks to accelerate the development and widespread adoption of groundbreaking innovations that bridge gaps and level the playing field for every child, regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status.

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Raising Awareness

Our awareness initiatives work to ensure expectant parents are aware of the newborn hearing screening, the link between hearing and brain development, and what to do should their baby fail the screening. The Starts Hear National Awareness Campaign, now in its fourth year, is reaching millions of new parents.

Other initiatives focus on a key awareness message of what is possible for babies born deaf today. We continue to raise awareness that babies today are learning to listen and talk.

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Supporting & Connecting Families

Since 2015 Hearing First, an educational endeavor of the Foundation, has supported families through resources, learning, and community. Hearing First strives to equip families and caregivers with the right information at the right time, so their babies born deaf or hard of hearing are identified early, receive hearing technology, and are supported along the LSL journey.

We know that families need the support of other families to thrive, which is why Hearing First offers two virtual community spaces with the Family Support Community and the private Facebook group “Families of Children with Hearing Loss.”

Hearing First also empowers families with learning opportunities. The Listening In interview-style series, family-focused webinars and short-form videos on YouTube equip families with information to help them teach their child to listen and talk.

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Empowering & Educating Professionals

The Foundation’s initiatives through Hearing First also support the hearing healthcare professionals who work with families.

More than 10,000 members seek to take their practice to the next level as part of the Professional Learning Community.

Continuing education courses are provided at no cost so professionals can earn CEUs and stay on the forefront of best practices related to LSL intervention, pediatric audiology, hearing technology, coordinated care, and more.

Community forums and discussions foster constructive dialogue between professionals.

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